Competition & Performance

Competition Fees

The average Competition Entry Fee per dancer per group will range approximately between $50-80 + GST; Solo Duo & Trio entry fees can be upwards of $100-150 per dancer, depending on the competitions annual pricing structure. Please make sure to factor all costs into a budget when selecting the number of Team Registrations. Please note that all quoted amounts are only an estimate and that amounts may vary.

Competition Deposit(s)

The competition Deposit schedule is based only on a potential value. For example, If your dancer is only in one competitive routine, they may not even reach the amount due for the first deposit. Under this scenario, the accounts holders will be credited any over charge and will not be required to pay more than the applicable competition fees, which will vary.

Competition Deposit Schedule:

Please see paragraph above

Competition Fee  Deposit #1 $150 September 15
Competition Fee Deposit #2 $150 October 15
Competition Fee Deposit #3 $150 November 15
Competition Fee Deposit #4 Final Balance. January 15

Please see paragraph above regarding competition Deposits!

Stage & Audience Etiquette

For ALL Team Members… (including all family members)

WE CHEER FOR OUR COMPETITORS! WE CONGRATULATE OUR COMPETITORS! WE WISH OUR COMPETITORS GOOD LUCK! Without them, we would not have the opportunity to compete. Demonstrate the all-inclusive mindset that Street Kings strives to spread. Never speak poorly about anybody.

Competitions should be a positive place of encouragement and growth; when in doubt…..

“Sit down, be humble.” – Kendrick Lamar

Choreographer & Travel Expense

For all competitive travel teams, families will be responsible to share the cost of hosting our choreographer(s) at a competition. These fees will include a shared expense of hotel accommodation, and possibly airfare if traveling by plane. All expenses are distributed between our entire dance fam, and is a small amount when shared; the amount will be added to the competition fees charged to your TSD account.

In some instances of special competitions, additional rehearsals will be necessary, and there would be an additional studio rental/choreographer fee; these two expenses (and airfare) are generally only applicable to our semi-pro teams, where cost would be distributed amongst the semi-pro families involved. The fee will usually be charged in advance with the competition fees, however occasionally we are not able to predict the costs in advance, and these amounts would be billed to account holders within 7-10 days after the travel experience ending. We continually do our best to keep a budget in mind, to make this as financially feasible for everybody.

Additional Travel Notes

It is important to be a part of our private Facebook group for updates on travel.  All travel itineraries will be posted in our group too!


It is mandatory for each hotel room to have at least one parent/guardian to supervise the dancers. Dancers should be supervised at all times. Street Kings Faculty and employees not permitted to stay in hotel rooms with students, unless the faculty member is a parent or sibling to a student.  Curfew for students is 10:00 pm when traveling with Street Kings, unless otherwise mentioned by management. It is expected for all Street Kings members to be respectful of other guests at the hotel, as we are all representing the company. Please keep sound to a reasonable level, especially after 9:00 pm.


If a parent/guardian is unable to attend an out of town competition with their child, please make sure to provide appropriate paperwork to have another dance family chauffeur your dancer. If traveling to the USA or another country, please make sure to have sufficient insurance coverage.