Darylle Johnson hip hop dancer
Hip Hop

Darylle found her passion for hip hop in 1993 when she took her first dance class at Pure Dance Studios in Surrey, BC. She continued to train in a variety of street dance styles such as Popping, Locking, and Hip Hop well past her teenage years, and eventually came to find a career in dance.

Darylle was an original former member of KTL Co. (Kill the Lights/Phyzikal Graffiti Vancouver), and a founding former member of Diamonds in the Rough dance crew. She has trained across North America learning dance styles such as Locking, Popping, Hip Hop & Memphis Jookin through Pioneers and OGs, Don Cambellock, Anthony Thomas, Toni Basil, Bop’N Andre, Pop’nTod, JRock, Dr Rico and more. Darylle was a lead dancer in the closing ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, performing alongside Canadian rapper K-OS.

In 2013, Darylle founded three organizations in effort to help grow and support the street dance community in Vancouver. Street Kings Academy of Dance in Surrey BC was created with co-owner and world class choreographer, Paul Otterbein. The Main Event, a cultural stage for professional street dance artists was formed in collaboration with Ken Yung. And Elite Freestyle Intensive “EFI” was formed with AJ “Megaman” Kambere as a platform for youth street dance to learn battle skills and tactics!

Darylle loves working with youth and is excited for many more years of sharing and growing in the dance community!


Darylle also teamed up with one of Vancouver’s well-respected hip hop instructors, Ken Yung from Harbour Dance Centre. The team of two created a semi-annual dance event called ‘The Main Event’, which houses choreography showcases at the highest caliber, while also celebrating dance with 500+ attendees. Darylle and Aj Kambere “Megaman”, one of the most elite animators and poppers in the world, created an annual summer camp for kids, ‘Elite Freestyle Intensive (EFI)’, which helps youth dancers fine tune the fundamentals and concepts within freestyle dance and battling.

Darylle continues to pursue her love for dance, and is motivated to help build up the dance community in Langley, Surrey, Vancouver and all over! She loves to share her passion, and uses dance as an outlet to mentor kids; She aspires to help young dancers build their self confidence and gain important life skills through dance that will stay with them for many years to come.

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