Dress Code

Dress Code

All attire should be family friendly, age appropriate and reflect SK in a positive manner

Class Dress Codes may vary by instructors.


Acro & Jazz

Form fitting, stretchy clothing that allows movement. No long sleeves.
No layers that can flip up.
Hair tied back in ponytail



Hair must be pulled away from the face and in a neat bun.
Black ballet tights/socks, black ballet shoes, black low backed Body Suit.
Items should be available at Dance Box (#114 20226 Fraser Hwy, Langley)



Form fitting, comfortable clothing, that allows movements.
Hair tied back in ponytail


Hip Hop, Conditioning & Stage (All Street Genres)* Ballet Poppin may vary

Loose, comfortable clothing
Hair tied back, hats allowed
Rosche Shoes

(For dancers wearing leggings in class or for costume, it is important to

buy a high quality fabric to avoid transparency of bottoms).


Yoga & Stretch

Form fitting, stretchy clothing
No layers that can flip up.
Hair tied back in ponytail
Yoga Mat & Towel (can be purchased at SK Reception)
Bare feet


“When I put on my uniform, I feel I am the proudest (wo)man on earth.” – Roberto Clemente