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Kofi “ Wreckage” Amoah is originally from Edmonton, AB and moved to Vancouver to pursue the growth of Vancouver’s Krump community in 2014. He is passionate about inspiring the culture through positivity and showing youth a way to express their emotions through dance. Kofi’s influence in the dance scene has taken a major impact in the just a few months; he has helped to build the Krump scene through volunteer workshops, visiting colleges, battles and sharing his passion through master classes.

Shortly after his move to Vancouver, Kofi brought together 7 passionate dancers to create the first Krump crew in Western Canada, “Wreckage Fam”. Through this movement, he has been asked to introduce a weekly Krump class with Street Kings dance studio, where he soon after formed a class called “Beba’s Kid’s”. This dance class is designed to teach and build self esteem and confidence in the kids through dance, so they will have the courage, skills and mindset for new experiences. A number Kofi’s students have recently started participating in battles and city events such as Nanaimo Battlezone, Battlegrounds, and Vancouver Street Dance Festival. One of these dancers, named “Lil Rome“, entered his first battle by himself at the age of 8 years old with only 6 months of experience in dancing. Lil Rome was also invited to join Wreckage Fam as BC’s youngest Krumper, and is now named “Baby Wreckage”.

Also know as “Boi N3rd”, Kofi has many talents such as DJ’ing and Emceeing. He uses these talents at well­known events such as “Battlezone”, “Redemption”, “Frontlines” and “The Real” dance competition. Kofi has Emceed at events such as “The Main Event”, one of BC’s most notable street dance events, and “Redemption” High School dance competition. He uses energy, humour and public speaking skills to build the audience participation and promote highly energetic events. This in turn helps the cultural growth in the dance scene, which is at the heart of his inspiration and movement.

Kofi will continue to spread the awareness, history and fundamentals of Krump to the past, present and future generations of dance. In this effort, he hopes to see the Krump scene flourish, and to hep encourage young kids to take risks and push past their fears in dance and more.

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