Our intention is to provide a platform for children & youth to find and pursue their passion within the arts. Street Kings prides itself on its in-depth curriculum-based training, and values a community which encourages Respect, Honor & Courage.

The “Bridge” program is a great option for children wishing to learn the foundation of street dance and to find their passion within. The Bridge consists of Technical classes only (non-performing), and students are required to participate in two complimentary classes per week (see below).



Develops intrinsic & expanding muscle controls, isolations & dime stops, body mechanics, and strength training.


Develops transitions between isolations, performance quality & character development, musical connection, and execution/sharpness.


Develops upper & lower body movements, complex musicality & polyrhythms, detail & precision, and non-stationary movements.

Students will learn techniques & moves, freestyle concepts and cold hard skills, while developing a sense of confidence and community.This is where you learn how to ‘throw down’!

Check out some videos of the Dance Styles HERE!


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