Registration Steps

Registration is now OPEN!

Class registrations are on a first come, first serve basis.

To ensure your spot(s) in class, it is important to complete

Class Registrations are confirmed and held ONLY ONCE Street Kings has received the following:

1. Read the Parent Handbook & Policies
2. Set Up Account on The Studio Director
3. Add Payment Info (Credit Card)
4. Select Opt-In to Emails
5. Select Opt-In to monthly Automatic-Payments
6. Email SK a fully completed 2017/18 Liability Waiver Form (if you haven’t already); please also bring a hard copy on your first day of class.
7. You may register for your Tech/non-audition classes online; please wait for instruction to register for your competitive teams by placement.
8. Class positions will only be held once payments have been made; the following payments are due upon registration:

• Tuition (First & Last Month in full)
• Registration Fee
• Studio “SK” Gear (if applicable)

Family Discounts

Family Rates for Registration & Audition Fees are only available if paying for both dancers at once; discount will not apply if paying on separate occasions.

Account Info

All Account Holders must be 18 years of age or older;

Dancers may only register with the required authorization from a Parent/Guardian. SK cannot keep two credit cards on file, and one Account Holder shall manage their account payments.


Monthly Billing

You WILL NOT receive a monthly bill/statement from our office for your monthly tuition. All tuition payments are due on the first of each calendar month on or after 9:00 am. If at any time you would like a printed statement of your account you may visit your The Studio Director account and print one. Your account will continually show the amount due within the next 30 days; please do not be alarmed if the amount owing appears increased, as it is simply showing upcoming fees. Please keep a record of your payments throughout the season. Monthly statements will be mailed for overdue balances only.


Automatic Payments

To ensure a smooth administrative process and the availability of dance for your child, all FEES and TUITION are automatically processed via credit card on your Studio Director “TSD” account.  All Account Holders must register an account on TSD, as well as hold a valid credit card on file with the selected Opt-In for automatic payments in order for class placements to be held. If credit card payments are not desirable to you, we welcome families to pay all seasonal costs up front at the time of registration via Cash, Cheque or E-Transfer. Competition Fees will remain due by credit card, as these amounts are undetermined, and we only accept credit card after the time of registration.


For Parents wishing to register for Adult or Parent Classes, a second TSD account must be created, as our system is unable to handle complex registrations.


To obtain a copy of the Referral Form, please email Street Kings

Refer a New Family ($50):

If you Refer a NEW FAMILY to Street Kings, you may receive a $50 account credit!

The New Family will be required to enrol for a minimum of 3 consecutive months, and your Referral Credit will be applied to TSD only after 90 days of the New Families enrolment. This Referral Credit is available per student, so if the New Family has 3 children that register, you will receive a $150 account credit. This promotion is not available for back date, and you will have up to 10 business days to submit a Referral Form upon a New Family Registration.

Refer 5 New Intensive Unlimited Dancers ($1,000):

If you Refer 5 NEW INTENSIVE DANCERS you can receive a $1,000 account credit!

The new Dancers must be from different Families, and each New Dancer enrolling in the “Intensive Unlimited” monthly program will count as one single Referral. Your Referral Credit will be applied to TSD only after 90 days of the New Dancers enrolment. In order for this promo to be valid, all 5 New Intensive Dancers must remain in our Intensive Program for a minimum of 3 payable months.

If a Referred New Intensive Dancer withdrawals from our Intensive Program prior to the completion of their first 3 full months, or decreases their Registration to a non-Intensive value, your credit will be re-assigned to the regular New Family promo of $50 credit per Dancer. In addition, transfers and replacement Referrals will not be an option.

This promotion is not available for back date, and you will have up to 10 business days to submit a Referral Form upon a New Intensive Dancer Registration. We will keep a record of your Referral Forms, in the scenario that Referred New Intensive Dancers are Registering on different days. In order for this promotion to be valid, all 5 New Intensive Dancers that you are Referring must have Registered for our Program within no more than 90 days of the 1st Referrals Registration, and your Referrals will otherwise be considered a regular promotion of Referring a New Family. This is a limited time offer, and all Referral Forms for the “5 New Intensive Dancers” promo must be received in SK office no later than September 30th, 2017.

Account credits are not redeemable for cash value or transfers. We do not currently offer Referral Credits for Workshops.