School Field Trips

Street Kings offers fun, energetic and interactive field trips for private, public and home school groups! We are the #1 spot for kids to learn Hip Hop dance for children ages 5 & up!

The classmates will join Street Kings for one day to learn some hip hop dance moves and perform a dance routine. They will also learn the the dance genres rich cultural history and geographic information! Street Kings field trip program includes lesson plans that align with the teaching curriculum, and interactive activities to accompany each lesson!


  • To share our love of performing arts with children.
  • To teach children how to express through performing arts.
  • To educate about the rich cultural history of Street Dance.


Learn small & large motor skills that will help kids in various sports and life skills.

Develop an understanding of purposeful language.

Engage in physical activity in a fun way!

See live demonstrations of various dance expressions.

Participate in an interactive and athletic class!

Listen to cultural music and learn about basic music theory.

Learn about the rich history of street dance!

Teachers can choose from our list of Cultural street dances:

  • Hip Hop
  • Popping
  • Breakdance
  • Waacking
  • Krump
  • Locking
  • House


We are now accepting field trip bookings for the 2018 &2019 seasons. Street Kings can accommodate up to 3 groups per hour.


45 minutes (K-2)

60 minutes (3-12)

Months Available

January through June

Days Offered

Monday through Friday

Times Offered


Maximum Students

15 (K-2)

30 (grades 3-12)

Cost Per Student

$10 (minimum 10 students)


We can also bring the field trip to you! Contact us for more info!