Recommended for: 5+ years experience, high commitment level.

The Semi-Pro Program geared towards dancers wishing to enter the professional dance industry. SP members are expected to train a minimum of 10+ hours weekly in street dance, however we recommend a course load of 15-20 hrs per week for maximum development.

Dancers who are placed on a Semi-Pro Team, by audition, will also be allowed to participate in other Technical, Recreational and Competitive crews, however the only mandatory requirements are listed under the Semi-Pro Team Requirements. The SP Team requirements have been developed to ensure that all dancers on the SP Teams are receiving the same level of fundamental training within the genres that will be used in their routine(s), and to also create a level of commitment & team dynamic that one would find on a professional sports or Olympic team. Dancers on SP are required to participate in Conditioning & Athleticism Tech class in order to condition their body to reduce the chances of injury. Hip Hop dance requires high impact & repetitive movements, which can potentially lead to long or short term injuries if dancers are not adequately conditioned as a professional athlete. At Street Kings, we feel that it is in every dancers best interest to learn & practice the care for their physical well being.

If you are interested in getting involved with our competitive teams or want more information please contact us to obtain a copy of our Parent Handbook.