Stage & Acro


Unlike most other Stage programs, ours is a blended mixture of Animation (Popping), Acro (Tricks & Flips) and Lifts and Partnering. This crew is a cool urban take on the classical stage production =)



As we like to keep it unique, we are bringing Acro to Street Kings with a Twist! Some of you may know our All Boys Hip Hop crew ‘GGG’, well guess what?? Now we have a ‘GGG Acro’! We have a few competitive Acro Classes, as well as Technique classes called ‘Tricks & Flips’. We are doing really cool stuff in here that you likely are not going to find anywhere else! This class will help dancers to learn unique tricks that can be used in their Hip Hop Routines, Battles & more!


Please contact us to learn about our classes!