“Every once in a while you come across someone who is outstanding in their field. When I first saw a performance from Street Kings it was obvious there was something unique and special. Street Kings stand out because they have a standard of excellence. As parents we all want to surround our kids with empowering mentors and leaders. Paul and Darylle are extraordinary role models and coaches, who not only thrive in the field of creative hip hop but have a skill set that inspires greatness and a spirit of possibilities. They show up with passion and care, they give constructive feedback and positive reinforcement. They take the time to really connect with their students and make them part of the Street Kings family. They build on the culture of support, appreciation, and team spirit. Street Kings embodies the art of achievement and important life skills.”

– Corrine Humphrey



“We are so happy we found Street Kings! This school has had such a positive impact on our boys lives, not to mention the crazy dance skills they are learning!! The teachers are phenomenal and I know they are in good hands when they are there.”

– Trinity Sanchez




“Cassy has grown leaps and bounds as a dancer and an individual since joining this Langley dance academy. She has done so well with the environment you work hard to create at Street Kings. She is always beaming after practice when one of the talented dancers she admires compliments her skills. That alone has been so worth it!”

– Monica Appelt



“This studio is amazing! We commute every weekend to make sure our daughter can get the best dance training out there. The growth has been absolutely phenomenal this year, and the entire teaching staff goes above and beyond for the kids! Can’t wait for the coming years!”

– Chantelle Hodgson

street-kings-dance-studio“I have never seen a group of kids that have more heart than these dancers, and it all comes from the top with their amazing staff! They are encouraging, uplifting and supportive to everyone who walks in the door. Not only do they train their kids like Olympic athletes but they treat them like it too. They reach their full potential everyday, and everyday they raise the bar for themselves more and more!”

– Ariel Fuoco


“Street Kings has been a wonderful place for our daughter to learn, to grow and blossom as a person and as a dancer. Paul and Darylle have created a culture where teamwork, determination, focus, and support for each other is the norm and not the exception. It is a place where everyone feels that they are part of the Street Kings FAMILY and each dancer is an integral part of the success of the group. We were fortunate to have had our daughter Elena been welcomed to join this journey at the beginning and we are thrilled to continue to be part of the future.”

– Gabe D’Archangelo


“Our daughter has grown so much as a dancer after just one season at Street Kings. They have a committed and caring faculty who not only teach dance, but also instill values of hard work, commitment, sportsmanship and humility.“

– Anna Zalamea


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