Waacking originated in the late 60’s/early 70’s in Los Angeles, where the basic action of “Whacking” or “Shoo-ing” people away was this style’s most basic form. Its inspiration is taken for the 1900 Hollywood actors and actresses that made that very basic action expressive and meaningful.

Waacking is a name that some of the Soul Train dancers began to use instead of the initial term Punking.
Some say that Punking was the correct name for the underground style, while Waacking or whacking came later, when the dance became popular.

This style can be funky with grooves and fundamental party/social dance steps, but can also be very technical and stationary when the main focus is the technique. The most important thing is its presence and intention. Waacking is mostly danced to disco music, but if you have basic fundamentals, Waacking can be danced to anything!


This class is offered in all levels from ages 5 and up!


Here is a timeline of the evolution of Waacking, which reacted to the changes of music:

• Punking-1970-1974 – at this time the music is moving in more funk direction. Clothing was very colorful, funky. Dancers had a funky feeling. This is why this style mixed with lockin. In fact, these two styles were very close to each other thanks to a funky feeling.

• Waacking-1974 – about this time broke out “Disco Madness”. Music began to take a different direction. Dancers started to wear completely different clothes. Women danced in a dress and heels, men exchanged a funky T-shirts for shirts and jackets. The style began to change more in the direction of jazz. The dance included a lot of lines, poses (which was mostly inspired by movie stars of 1930s’) and other technical design movements of hands  that you wouldn’t definitely find in the punking. In particular, the overall attitude of the body has changed thanks to the footwear and clothing. Dancers began to dance everything more in upright stand unlike in punking, which was far more in the knees.
This style was “forgotten” for a while and survived in a small group of dancers who are so devoted. Today waacking and punking is experiencing a “rebirth” in different forms. For example, in NY you will see primarily jazzy form, but more funky in Japan.